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Yoga, meditation, numerology and personalised therapies

Energy Healing

Julie has accredited certification in Reiki, Emotional Anatomy Consultancy, Psychosomatic Therapy, Yoga and Meditation and is a certified Angel Intuitive. She tailors a combination of shamanistic & energy healing modalities into personalised healing sessions.

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Intuitive Healing Session

Feeling stressed out, drained or wondering what next?

Retreat with Divine Jewel for Self-Care and guidance home to your core values and inner wisdom.

An Intuitive Healing session offers you a soul nurturing antidote to the accumulation of stress and overwhelm from the challenges and lessons of our Human Being in the school of life on earth!

Therapeutic healing is facilitated through intutively guided consultation, energy clearing, guided relaxation, breath-work, introspection, visualisation and other shamanistic practices.

You will leave well nurtured, centred and re-connected with the radiant essence of your Self to light the way forward on your unique life pathway.

Examples of "Divine Jewels" incorporated into your Intuitive Healing Session...

  • Reiki / Crystals / DoTerra - Aromatherapy Oils
  • White Sage Energy Cleansing / Aura Cleansing
  • Vibrational Sound Healing
  • Numerology, Astrology, Moonology, Oracle
  • Emotional Anatomy Reading (at your request only)

All are optional and the session will be tailored to your personal preferences (or simply go with the flow of Divine guidance)

$120 per 75 minute session

($100 per 1 hour follow up sessions if requested)

Appointments available at Divine Mana, Ormiston

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Divine Jewel Healing Package - Most Popular !

Jools offers a deeply nurturing and uplifting healing package comprises a numerology reading, intutive healing and spiritual guidance.

This therapeutic process delves deep into releasing physical and metaphysical congestion through a combination of modalities potent in alchemical clearing of mental, emotional and spiritual blockages.

You will embody the wisdom of your Self and leave relaxed, nurtured and empowered with keys to unlocking doorways to positive life tranformation.

$150 per 90 minute session

Appointments available at Divine Mana, Ormiston

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Healing comes when we choose to walk away from darkness and move towards a brighter light.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf