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Divine Meditation, Bliss and Circles

Meditation Forest 

New Moon Meditation Circle

Retreat to your Self for Rest & Rejuvenation at our much loved Monthly Meditation Circle...

Next Class - Thursday 2nd December 2021 - 6.30pm

The blissful ambience of Divine Mana welcomes you into a nurturing session of deep soul nourishment. You will be eased into reclined comfort for guided relaxation and meditative journeying home to the most tranquil relams of your SELF...

You will leave refreshed and attuned to your heartfelt priorities for the new month ahead...

Booking Essential

Price: $25 per person

Monthly invites emailed - Contact Divine Jewel

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Divine Bliss - Relaxation by Candelight

Next Class - Tuesday 21st December 2021 - 6.30pm (90 minutes)

Divine Bliss provides a mini-retreat of 90 minutes for meditative and restorative yin yoga  - Cultivating deep inner peace with gentle and nurturing yoga for self-care and personal wellbeing.

A mellow ambience of candlelight, soft music and crystal bowl vibrations attunes your mind, body and soul to the wellspring of peace within you. 

Props, bolsters and cushions are offered to facilitate the deep “relaxation and restorative” essence of this class.

Price: $30 per person

Advanced Booking Essential - Monthly invites emailed


Divine Kula - Connection Circle

Gatherings of beautiful heart-centred souls open to exploration, expansion and sharing through facilitated connection with Self and Others within our Divine Community.

Nestled into a tranquil corner of leafy Ormiston our retreat space "The Mana" gifts us a naturally divine sanctuary for nurturing ourselves and each other. 

Honouring the sunshine and rainbows within us all we embrace the freedom to simply BE and share our most authentic Selves.

Advanced Booking Essential - Invites Emailed

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Meditation Workshops & Courses

Mindfulness Meditation, Visualisation, Vipassana, Yoga Nidra, Japa Mala, Transcendental Meditation...

  Where to begin exploring the fruits of meditaiton? There are so many 'types'!

For beginners to meditation our monthly meditation circle offers a fabulous entry point.

In addtion to this Divine Jewel offers workshops and courses to both introduce you and facilitate deeper exploration of meditation options.

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Private Meditation Sessions

Private meditation sessions are tailored to specific individual or private group requirements.

Are you a beginner to Meditation?

Explore the various modalities of meditation and their extensive benefits for wellbeing. Sessions are offered in our naturally tranquil retreat space nestled in a private nook of leafy Ormiston. Alternative venue optiosn available, including a venue of your choice.

Direct monthly invites emailed - Contact Divine Jewel